Protecting Your Assets

During this time of uncertainty, you want to know that your equipment, trailers, and tools are safe and accounted for.  Tracking Systems, Inc has always been well known for the peace of mind and outstanding customer service we provide and

The End of Winter Is Near

A check list for making sure your fleet is Spring Ready Winter weather can put a ton of wear and tear on the vehicles in your fleet.  In order to ensure you reduce your downtime and keep all the vehicles

Features of Tracking Systems that make it the perfect fit!

The market for GPS tracking systems has exploded over the past decade, and it will continue to do for the foreseeable future. With so many available options to choose from, it’s important for fleets to make sure they are selecting

Accidents Happen When Drivers Are Tired

Tips to help your drivers fight fatigue According to the National Transportation Safety Board, 20% of large truck accidents they have investigated were due in part to driver fatigue.  What makes drivers tired and how can you help cut down

Reduce Your Fleet’s Fuel Costs

…with a little help from Tracking Systems Fuel cost can be one of the largest expenses for any company that maintains a fleet of vehicles. Whether your company has a fleet of cars, light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, or

Keep Your Drivers Safe & Warm This Winter

Winter weather can make driving a challenge for anyone on the road but it is especially challenging for long distance truck drivers.  You want your drivers to stay safe and warm all winter long and so do we. Below are

Improving Driver Satisfaction Can Help Make Your Company More Productive and Profitable

It’s no secret that on the road to success, companies are looking for paths that will allow them to be more productive, more profitable and reduce costs.  As you look to improve your company’s profitability, employees are your best asset. 

Data At Your Fingertips

Business owners lead busy lives.  You have multiple tasks to complete and a limited amount of time in which to complete them.  We realize that you (or the staff you’ve hired to manage your fleet), may not always be sitting

The Value Of Landmarks (Geofencing)

Landmarks, also known as geo-fences, are used in GPS tracking to determine virtual boundaries.  They are often used to mark reference points on a fleet managers GPS map but they can do so much more!  The use of Landmarks in

Improve Driving Behavior

Our GPS system provides your company with valuable information that will allow you to improve driver behavior. Not only will this have a direct result in saving your organization costs, but more importantly, it improves the safety of your fleet!

Encourage Your Drivers To Slow Down: It’s Good For Your Business!

Significant savings in fuel costs are available when you stay on top of your drivers’ speed.  Slower drivers are more profitable for your business, so be sure to take advantage of the speed alert and speed monitoring features of your

Tracking Refrigerated Trucks

Transporting perishable items over long distances requires speed, efficiency, and precise control over transport and storage conditions. Refrigerated trucks are ideally suited for these tasks, enabling you to transfer perishable goods safely and efficiently while maintaining their quality. If your

GPS Tracking Can Help You Save On Insurance Without A Reduction In Coverage

There are 4 primary ways that GPS tracking from Tracking Systems & EZFleet can lower your insurance cost and none of them involved a reduction in coverage! Improving driver behavior contributes to lower premiums. Many accidents are caused by speeding

How GPS Can Help Landscapers

Global positioning systems (GPS) are among the most useful technologies available. GPS devices can be invaluable in the day-to-day operations of businesses, helping enhance efficiency, increase production, and ensure safer operation. Namely, landscapers can benefit from utilizing GPS technology. For

GPS Tracking Solutions For Refrigerated Fleets

Whether your fleet is hauling food, pharmaceuticals, or agricultural products, Tracking Systems’ SureTempGPS temperature sensing device working in conjunction with our GPS fleet management application will provide the solutions you need to give you peace of mind. You’ll always know

Safety: What Truck Drivers Are Worried About.

Safety comes first.  If we surveyed all our customers they would all agree that the safety of their drivers is their #1 concern.  Everyone wants their drivers to feel safe and confident on the road and will do all they


We often say that the best part about GPS Monitoring from Tracking Systems is the Peace of Mind it can provide to fleet managers.  While no one anticipates when they come into work that they’ll make the evening news, our

Winter Is Around The Corner – Tips To Prepare Your Fleet

Cold temperatures, snow, ice and the salt that is spread to combat them are hard on all vehicles, especially fleets that are constantly on the road. It can be easy to wait until a problem happens but routine maintenance can

The Benefits Of Geofencing & How It Will Save You Time & Money

What is Geofencing? It is a virtual barrier that you can customize with GPS so if a vehicle enters or leaves an area, you can be alerted.  Geofencing provides many amazing benefits.  A few are listed below: Real-Time Alerts: With

What Is FedRAMP Certification And Why Is It Important?

FedRAMP stands for the Federal Risk & Authorization Management Program that is run by the government and provides security assessments, authorization, as well as monitors cloud products and services. It is a risk management program that was created to support

Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Time & Money

It’s easy to assume that everything is running fine… Until it doesn’t. According to the General Services Administration, 1.3 billion of the federal government’s fleet spending went toward vehicle maintenance. Your fleet may not be as large as our federal

GPS Tracking 101- How better routing can help your business

One of the main functions of a GPS or Global Positioning System is to pinpoint the location of a vehicle. A good GPS system transmits data in an easy to use format in real time, so you as a fleet

GPS Tracking. It can save lives & save money.

When your company operates a fleet or employs a mobile workforce, the possibility of a traffic accident and the costs that result are something that may cause you significant stress.  Accidents happen, much more frequently than we’d like and when

Oh No, Big Brother is Watching. Why GPS Tracking May Not Be Such A Bad Idea

When considering the pros and cons of having a GPS fleet & asset tracking system installed something that is often high on the minds of management is the backlash they might receive from their employees.  While no employee wants to

More than Just GPS: All the things you may not know about Tracking Systems

Tracking Systems, Inc is well known for the peace of mind we give fleet managers by providing top-of-the-line GPS Tracking services, refrigerated temperature tracking and outstanding customer service. But that’s not all we do… Tracking Systems can also: Protecting Your

Complying with FSMA Regulations: Refrigeration Tracking with Tracking Systems

We all want to eat food that as fresh as possible. As a fleet manager for trucking company that transports good in a refrigerated truck, it is your responsibility to make sure that your product arrives at the destination in

The Power of Maintenance Alerts

A GPS-tracking system provides fleet managers with a lot of valuable information.  Not only do you receive vehicle tracking information that is extremely beneficial to your day to day operations, but when utilized properly, it can also streamline your company’s