Trailer Tracking

Don’t let inefficient cargo management kill your business. Get real-time visibility into every trailer’s location and load status with Spireon’s IntelliScan cargo sensing technology. Verify load status before dispatching drivers. Prove detention with timestamped images.

Settle damage claims with visual evidence. Optical imaging and machine learning instantly detect which trailers are loaded or unloaded with an industry- leading 99% accuracy, saving hours of wasted driver time, and improving utilization and increasing trailer turns.

Trailer Management as a Competitive Advantage

Total Asset Visibility

Real-time location and in-transit visibility for improved dispatch management.

Robust Reporting

Turns almost any data point into a report for micro and macro views of a fleet and its performance.

  • Yard & Trailer Pool Management
    Right trailer type in the right place at the right time, optimize trailer pools, conserve driver time and improve satisfaction
  • Improved Utilization and Fleet Right Sizing
    Increase trailer turns and miles per trailer, manage and decrease detention time, reduce capex for new trailers
  • Security and Installation
    Theft prevention and recovery, tamper alerts, device removal alerts, OEM install certification, install app
  • Seamless Data Integration
    Robust API, custom integrations, comprehensive TMS integrations, leasing modular and API
  • White Glove Service
    Dedicated account managers and sales engineers, quarterly business reviews, in depth device health reporting, tamper alerts

tracking system

Trailer Tracking Systems…
keeping  watch over what matters most

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    With accurate loaded / unloaded status reporting, you can ensure a trailer is empty before scheduling a pickup.
    Minimize cargo damage by detecting a cargo load shift before trailer doors open, keeping your team safe and reducing your liability. Detect improper loading protecting your team and providing valuable insight for improved loading practices.
    Receive timestamped images from inside the trailer that can prove or disprove cargo/trailer damage and provide proof of stolen cargo aiding in prosecution.
    Improve shipper practices with proof of load/unload.
    Get the industry’s only time-of-flight laser and optical cargo sensor. Other cargo sensor solutions on the market utilize infrared sensors or ultrasonic technology, which are prone to inaccuracies caused by temperature and humidity.

The result? Improved efficiencies and a better bottom line for fleets of all sorts and all sizes. To learn how our Trailer Tracking can help your fleet, call us today 845.738.2200.


Key Features & Reporting Configuration

  • Designed for containers
  • 10-minute reporting while in motion
  • Begin and end move
  • Power connect disconnect
  • Two pings per day when idle


  • Simple 10-minute installation (peel-and-stick, screws or rivets for security)
  • Integrated mounting system –no bracket needed

Long Life Battery –Lithium Ion

  • 10-year battery with solar trickle charge (10.6Ah battery)

Device Dimensions

  • Unit Mass: 17oz
  • Dimensions: 19.3cm L x 12.2cm W x 3.6cm H

Options and Accessories


  • IntelliScan cargo sensor with optional image retrieval
  • Door sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Integration
  • Automated Tire Inflation System (ATIS) Integration

Solar Panel options

  • Standard
  • Slimline

To learn how our Trailer Tracking can help your fleet, call us today 845.738.2200 or contact us here.