SureTempGPS™ Remote Temperature Monitoring & GPS Tracking Solutions for Refrigerated Delivery Fleets



Refrigerated delivery companies that must keep their onboard inventory safe, and want to run their businesses more profitably, can achieve both goals thanks to Tracking Systems’ wired SureTempGPS temperature sensing, tracking and security capability. The powerful device works in conjunction with Tracking Systems’ GPS fleet management application, collecting and transmitting exact temperature, location and security information on every vehicle, every five minutes to protect your equipment and inventory. SureTempGPS also calculates and transmits average hourly temperature by vehicle.

Power outage? Compressor failure? No worries. SureTempGPS has the unique ability to set and monitor high and low temperature thresholds, alerting you — by cell phone, email or both — whenever refrigerated air varies from pre-set degrees. The waterproof device monitors up to four customizable temperature zones per vehicle. By identifying in real time which vehicle is at risk, fleet personnel can take immediate action to eliminate potential losses. In fact, our full complement of fleet tracking services — combined with a highly detailed mapping and reporting system — has saved clients thousands of dollars in lost inventory and maintenance costs while providing substantial fuel savings and eliminating wasted man hours.








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  • Services are available from any Internet connection
  • Multiple workstations can be connected simultaneously
  • Administrator has control over all access parameters and can identify each user with separate login and password
  • Information to and from the server is encrypted and secure
  • Vehicle route replay for up to 6 months
  • Monitors oil changes, registration and maintenance schedules
  • Hardware sensors for doors, seats, plows, sanders, sirens, emergency lights, gunlocks, drug cabinets and more
  • Remote passenger seat and door sensors
  • Hijack switch alerts dispatcher to disable ignition
  • Alerts from sensor triggers can be transmitted via cell phone and email, and are displayed on dispatch screen for immediate response
  • All reports can be saved in Microsoft® Excel for historical comparisons in PDF format or printed


  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced overtime costs
  • Potential liability reduction
  • Employee safety and security
  • Enhanced employee accountability
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Peace of mind

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