Auto-generate State Fuel Tax Reports

TSI Announces product Integration with My Fuel Tax by Spinnaker.

This eliminates time-consuming data entry and allows fuel tax forms to be completed in minutes.

The integration of GPS fleet tracking data into the My Fuel Tax solution provided by Spinnaker Software Solutions will allow TSI customers to generate their monthly or quarterly state fuel tax reports efficiently saving them time and money.

Complete their fuel tax forms in a matter of minutes instead of the days it takes to manually gather and enter the data. The  automation is designed to make it easy to use for every customer. No more reviewing mileage logs and having someone enter these.

Key Benefits include:

  • Automates all tax calculations including miles in state calculations
    • IFTA rates are updated monthly to ensure up-to-date fees are calculated properly
  • Possibility to import fuel purchase information from fuel cards/other
  • Saves time; fuel tax forms are completed in minutes
  • Saves money; eliminates the need for data entry staff
  • Requires little or no driver input for tax reporting
  • Reduces the risk of input errors
  • Improves drivers satisfaction and efficiency
  • Provides duplicates of official state forms
  • Kentucky Weight Distance Tax
  • New Mexico Weight Distance Tax
  • Oregon Highway Use Taxes
  • New York Highway Use Taxes (NYS HUT)
    • Systems Calculates and Reports Thruway Separately
    • (New) System calculates the number of NYC miles driven vs. NYS  miles driven

Competitor Trade-In Program

  • Is your current GPS Tracking provider costing you too much?
  • Is your current GPS Tracking not upgrading their software with new features?
  • Is your current GPS tracking provider not providing the customer support you feel you deserve?

Tracking Systems will remove your current GPS Tracking equipment and install state-of-the-art tracking devices and web-based mapping software.

No upfront cost and the special package pricing is very affordable. The installation & 1stmonth of monitoring are the only out-of-pocket money required.  Please call me for the exact details of our program.

Sensor Installations

Installing sensors in key areas of your vehicles can provide valuable data about the operation of the vehicles.

  • Door Sensors
    • Alerts you when a door is opened or closed
  • Seat Sensors
    • Lets you know if someone is seated in the passenger or back seat of a vehicle
  • Power Take Off (PTO)
    • Informs you when the PTO is triggered.  Utilized for tow trucks, snow plows or sanders

Depending on individual situations, it could be possible to install up to four (4) sensors. There is an additional cost for installation and any required parts.


This is where your lower fuel costs start – combining the WatchCard with your TSI solution. It’s the simple way to monitor everyone’s fuel spending. With all purchases centralized through this universally accepted fuel card, it’s the tool you need to reduce wasteful practices and eliminate fraudulent purchases.

This fuel card allows you to run accurate reports that show all of your company’s fleet fuel purchases, along with real-time vehicle locations to help you verify usage, efficiency rates, and slippage. It can even help you with IFTA reporting requirements.

  • Accepted Virtually Everywhere – Use it at 98% of retail stations across the country
  • One Simple Solution – All fuel transactions are in one easy-to-manage place
  • Built-In Security – Prevents fraud with automatic security alerts
  • Verify Fuel Costs with Trip Data
    • Match driver miles with tank fill-ups and view fuel usage by MPG and driver/fleet to monitor operational efficiency and manage costs
  • Fuel Exception Reporting
    • Ensure vehicles and fueling locations match to prevent fraud and receive alerts if they don’t.
  • True Odometer Reporting
    • Track fuel costs with actual miles driven to alert you to poor or wasteful driving behaviors.
  • Security Alerts
    • Receive automatic security alerts that warn you of fraudulent use so you can take action.
  • Pay Your Bill
    • Simplify your fuel accounting with one payment covering all fuel charges for your fleet.
  • Add / Remove Drivers
    • Easily add or remove drivers to your authorized list as your company’s personnel changes.
  • Add / Remove Cards
    • Adjust the number of fuel cards as your needs change to keep all fuel purchases centralized.

Fleet management starts with fuel management. Get off to a fast and easy start by combining the WatchCard Universal Fuel Card with your TSI solution. It’s now the single most convenient tool to improve your fleet’s fuel economy, as well as manage your vehicles and drivers’ behavior more effectively than ever.