The Value Of Landmarks (Geofencing)

Landmarks, also known as geo-fences, are used in GPS tracking to determine virtual boundaries.  They are often used to mark reference points on a fleet managers GPS map but they can do so much more!  The use of Landmarks in conjunction with the establishment of entering and exiting alerts and their use in reports have significant value and should not be overlooked.

The creation of a Landmark is fast and easy and can be incorporated into your Vehicle Tracking software in many ways.  They can be customized to consist of almost any size or dimension or color. Our software is intelligent enough so that once you create a Landmark it is able to go back and incorporate that into all of the historical data ever captured by our software servers.   These backward compatible landmarks allow you to add a temporary landmark and run a report that will tell you how many times one of your vehicles passed in and out of a landmark which can be a valuable tool to serve your customers!

You even have a Landmark Import Tool that enables you to enter an unlimited number of them in minutes!

Landmark Alerts allow you to gather valuable information including…

  • Set each employee’s residence as a landmark. Once you turn on alerts for that location you will begin to gather real time data that gives you insight into productivity and an individual employee level.
  • Set up each customer’s location as a landmark and turn on alerts so that you can improve your customer service. You will instantly be able to provide up to date information for when deliveries will be made or crews will be arriving.

Landmark Reporting provides you with valuable information including…

  • Reports that let you know time and resources that were spent at each customer’s location so that you can analyze your margins and keep a closer eye on your profits.
  • Reports that improve your ability to project costs so that contract renewals can be drawn up more accurately.

If you aren’t already a Tracking Systems customer we’d love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have about our products and services including Landmark Alerts & Reports.  If you are already a customer and want more information, give us a call.  We love nothing more than helping our clients take advantage of the valuable tools already available with your Tracking Systems software.