The Importance Of Pit Stops: Keeping Drivers Safe!

When you drive long distance for a company, rude drivers, traffic delays and meeting deadlines are some of the things that cause you stress.  Your fleet manager knows that a driver that is less stressed is a driver that is safer!  One of the things you can do to help reduce your stress and keep your mind focused on the road ahead are quick pit stops.

Short breaks every two hours are recommended. The pit stops don’t have to be long, even pulling over to stretch your legs can be enough to clear your head and make the next few miles roll by easier.  It is one of the reasons we love the idea of traveling with your favorite four legged companion; having a pet on board gives you a reason to stop!  For more information on traveling with a pet, check out this article we love about these Ruff Riders.

With the regulations that are now likely enforced by your company, the days of driving until you need to stop are most likely a thing of the past.  One of the things we recommend is to take some time to plan out your stops.  Take a look at our top three reasons why below:

Top 3 Reasons You Should Plan Your Pit Stops:

  • You’ll Find Good, Healthy, Food To Eat – If your usual philosophy is, when I get hungry, I stop you could end up in an area where the only option is hours old coffee or vending machine junk food.  Instead, plan ahead so that you can enjoy your favorite burger or salad.
  • You’ll Be Safer – If your drive will take you on an unknown route through an urban area, planning your pit stops keep you safe.  By planning ahead you can avoid high crime areas and find a place to stop for the night that will allow you go get some worry free rest.
  • You’ll Save On Gas – Prices for gasoline vary greatly from state to state.  You can save as much as $.10 a gallon by planning ahead for your fill ups.

Tracking Systems wants to help you keep your drivers, your vehicle and those that share the road with them safe!  We also want to help our fleet managers and the companies they work for save money by helping to prevent accidents.  For more information about all of Tracking Systems features and services, give us a call at 845-738-2200 or visit our website at