Tracking Refrigerated Trucks

Transporting perishable items over long distances requires speed, efficiency, and precise control over transport and storage conditions. Refrigerated trucks are ideally suited for these tasks, enabling you to transfer perishable goods safely and efficiently while maintaining their quality.

If your company is in the business of transporting foodstuff or other perishable items, you probably have one or more refrigerated trucks in your fleet. It is vitality important to monitor the activities and condition of your vehicles to ensure the quality and timely delivery of the products you are transporting.  A truck that isn’t functioning correctly could equate to huge losses in revenue!

Tracking Systems has an ideal solution for both these purposes. A GPS system is essential for smooth and efficient operations. While refrigeration monitoring will ensure your products arrived at their destination as fresh as possible.

Here are some of the ways by which GPS tracking systems can be helpful for your refrigerated trucking business:

Reduce storage fees 

Tracking Systems enables you to maximize the use of your trucks so that they can function as portable storage units. This can reduce your storage expenses considerably as you may not need to pay for storage facilities –  your vehicles will serve double-duty, they become mobile refrigerated storage units that transport goods to the intended destination.

Detect refrigeration failure 

Refrigerator failure could be disastrous for a refrigerated transport business. It takes only a few hours for particularly temperature-sensitive produce to spoil, so it is vital to ensure the optimal working condition of your trucks’ refrigeration systems at all times.

Our temperature monitoring features allow you to keep track of the temperature conditions from any location and any time of day. You can set alarms that let you know when the temperature of a particular unit exceeds a pre-determined threshold.

By keeping you updated of temperature conditions at all times, you can respond to a refrigerator failure quickly. Some systems even allow you to create detailed reports that include the temperature of the unit at the time of delivery. This report could serve as proof of service in the event of a delivery-related dispute.

Prevent truck breakdowns

Truck breakdowns and malfunctions can be equally disastrous as a refrigeration system going down. GPS tracking systems can help prevent these issues by allowing you to monitor the operating condition of your trucks constantly.

You can even set-up  automated engine performance reports at designated times. Therefore enabling which trucks require preventive maintenance before any problems occur.

Reducing downtime is essential for the efficient operation of a refrigerated trucking service. With close monitoring of your trucks, you will be able to forestall any incidents that could result in delayed delivery.

More efficient routing  

Finally, GPS tracking systems enable you to route your trucks more efficiently, avoiding hindrances such as road repairs and heavy traffic. You could even specify detours at a moment’s notice, helping ensure timely deliveries with minimal delays.

If you use refrigerated trucks for your transport requirements, Tracking Systems could become a vital element to the smooth and efficient operation of your business. Call 845-738-2200 or visit the Tracking Systems website at to find out how we can help you maximize efficiency and prevent costly delays!