Peace of Mind – The #1 Reason YOU Should Choose Tracking Systems

When you type, GPS tracking for fleet vehicles, into Google, over 500,000 results show up. The question most fleet managers ask is which company should I trust?  After all, your fleet is an important asset that needs to be protected.  The question is which tracking services provider is the right choice?

You don’t need an ordinary GPS tracking company, your fleet needs Tracking Systems, Inc. 

Tracking Systems has several benefits our competitors do not.  Services designed to give you the peace of mind that comes with shielding your assets and conserving your reputation.

It all starts with installation.
From the start, Tracking Systems does all we can do to provide superior service. We can install your system off hours so you don’t lose any valuable on the clock time.

In addition, you have the option not to tell your drivers, since the system is installed under the dashboard and is not visible. 

There are no contracts.
No need to fix your glasses, you read that right.  With Tracking Systems, there are no yearly contracts to sign.

Only use certain trucks during certain times of the year?  We have a seasonal suspend options.  You can stop service for those vehicles during that time period and resume when you need them again.  This can save your company hundreds of dollars.

We go the extra mile.
Most of our competitors only track the vehicles in your fleet every two minutes.  Our tracking services track every minute. This makes the data you receive more accurate and quicker to help you identify any problems.  In addition, we track and schedule regular fleet services using a simple software and enable automatic notification to alert managers or dispatchers of important fleet maintenance needs.

Plus every time your vehicle turns any more than 20 degrees, we track the data.  This can help identify drivers with dangerous behavior and prevent accidents.

Our customer service is there for any problem you may have.
If there is an issue with any of your devices, it should not have to shut down your work day.  We make it a point to fix issues rapidly so production can go on as scheduled.

Building relationships with our clients is extremely important to us.  Instead of talking to an automated voice service when you have a problem, you talk to a real person. 


Best of all….
We also monitor temperature!

When you are moving perishable goods over distances, it’s very important to control the conditions in which they are being stored.  Unfortunately, delays and refrigeration failure can happen, causing thousands of dollars of products to be wasted.

Tracking Systems has a solution.

In addition to our tracking services that allow fleet managers to see location, speed, idle times and more on their trucks, we can also track refrigeration.  By monitoring temperature of product, we can eliminate the risk of spoilage.  You will receive a notification if the temperature in your unit is too cold or warm and it will create a daily temperature report.  Distributors such as Boar’s Head trust Tracking Systems for refrigeration and you can too!

Allow yourself to have peace of mind with Tracking Systems. For more information on any of Tracking Systems services, give us a call at 845-738-2200 or visit our website at