How GPS Can Help Landscapers

Global positioning systems (GPS) are among the most useful technologies available. GPS devices can be invaluable in the day-to-day operations of businesses, helping enhance efficiency, increase production, and ensure safer operation. Namely, landscapers can benefit from utilizing GPS technology. For landscaping businesses that have previously relied on mobile management solutions, GPS tracking provides a more efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Here are some of the benefits that landscapers stand to gain by incorporating GPS into their workflow:

Improved fuel efficiency

Excessive idling can waste ¼ – ½ gallon of fuel per hour

GPS technology enables landscaping supervisors to monitor driver behavior so that they can suggest improvements to their driving practices. By observing drivers’ activities via GPS, there could be a significant reduction in idling. Supervisors will also be able to track unauthorized vehicle use and come up with more efficient routes.

Many companies already realize significant savings on fuel by utilizing GPS tracking. A study showed a 50% reduction in fuel expenses among 10% of survey respondents.

Reduced labor costs

Many landscape companies spend as much as 50% of their revenue on payroll.

Many companies now utilize GPS technology in place of the traditional system of manual time cards that determine work hours and appropriate pay. GPS software allows for the accurate monitoring of work times, serving as a more effective alternative to traditional time card-based systems.

GPS solutions help landscaping supervisors determine the start and end times of their crew, break length and frequency, and the number of jobs accomplished. The detailed information provided by GPS technologies helps reduce incidences of unnecessary overtime and time padding, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of labor.

Reliable proof of service

GPS software provides a reliable means of proving service delivery. These solutions could effectively reduce customer complaints about personnel failing to show up and disputes arising from incomplete or un-provided services. GPS also enables landscaping companies to quickly send out an alternative crew when the original team fails to show up at the job site.

Longer vehicle life

Landscaping firms could utilize GPS to monitor vehicle maintenance requirements. By alerting supervisors to upcoming or overdue maintenance, GPS makes it possible to avoid costly repairs and ensure continued service.

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