Improving Driver Satisfaction Can Help Make Your Company More Productive and Profitable

It’s no secret that on the road to success, companies are looking for paths that will allow them to be more productive, more profitable and reduce costs.  As you look to improve your company’s profitability, employees are your best asset.  After all, if you take care of your employees then they will represent you well as they take care of your customers.

The question becomes, how do you harness the power of happy employees?
You can start by building a culture that promotes safety, compliance and productivity which is something we can help with.  Wondering how?

Tracking Systems can help by giving you the tools you need to recognize and reward drivers that are exceeding company goals.

A good place to start is with Driver Behavior.

Safe drivers can save their company money in fuel costs, wear and tear on the vehicles, insurance costs as well as extending the life of the vehicles themselves.  Your GPS solution allows you to take a look at a driver’s history when it comes to speeding, hard acceleration, braking and turning.  You can utilize that information to train drivers who might need to improve in a few areas and recognize and reward drivers who are doing a good job.  By implementing monthly or quarterly bonuses for drivers who are demonstrating positive driving behavior, you have taken the first step in creating a culture of safe driving among your fleet.

Follow up with Driver Productivity

Drivers who provide on time arrivals and departures to and from job sites and customer locations are not only more productive, they help to create happy customers.  Your GPS solution also allows you to determine when a driver left the company yard and arrived at a customer location or a job site.  You can utilize reports filled with this information to help you reward drivers who are more efficient and always do what is best for the company’s bottom line.

Getting both of these factors under control will ultimately save your company money through the reduction of fuel cost, maintenance costs, wear and tear on the vehicle, insurance costs, accidents, and increased productivity.  More than that, if you have an entire fleet of drivers who are working hard each day to drive safe and be more productive because they know their employer appreciates them, you will have a group of drivers who are satisfied with their job.  Happy employees call in sick less often, work to exceed expectations and perform at a higher level than employees that are unhappy.