Safety: What Truck Drivers Are Worried About.

Safety comes first.  If we surveyed all our customers they would all agree that the safety of their drivers is their #1 concern.  Everyone wants their drivers to feel safe and confident on the road and will do all they can to make sure that happens. We enjoyed this article from which revealed the concerns of drivers across the country.  We thought the results were something our customers and other fleet managers may want to hear and can’t wait to share them with you.

Following Too Close
22% of drivers surveyed mention a concern for passenger cars that were driving too close leaving little space for the big rig to stop.  Some even commented that they will often slow down to gain a bit of extra space only to have it filled by another driver looking to pass.

As many as 19% of drivers are worried about the amount of speeding they see and would encourage all drivers, including trucks, to slow down.

Driver Fatigue
12% of drivers mentioned concerns over driver fatigue and several urged truck drivers to be mindful of their limits.  The bottom line: if a driver is fatigued, they should pull over and rest.

Texting While Driving
8% of drivers worry about the amount of people using their smart phones while driving.  A few moments of distraction are all it takes for a disaster to occur.  If you are behind the wheel of a big-rig, don’t text.

Like many fleet managers and municipalities, Tracking Systems’ #1 concern is safety.  We want to help you reduce the stress of your drivers and help you to increase driver safety. If you would like more information about Tracking Systems’ features, and how they can benefit you, give us a call at 845-738-2200 or visit our website at