We often say that the best part about GPS Monitoring from Tracking Systems is the Peace of Mind it can provide to fleet managers.  While no one anticipates when they come into work that they’ll make the evening news, our top-of-the-line GPS Tracking services certainly could have prevented both of the headlines revealed below:

Truck Gets Stuck Under A Bridge
A quick Google search result in several compilation videos featuring trucks stuck under bridges.  We’re wondering if those drivers had a GPS tracking system like ours installed.  Fleet managers can use GPS tracking data to plan efficient and safe routes for trucks.  If a driver finds themselves in a situation where they are lost and need to be re-routed, our real time data will allow you to offer immediate solutions that will get your driver and their cargo back on track as safely and quickly as possible.


City Truck Stolen – Neither Vehicle Nor Driver Located
Taken from a recent headline, a city truck was parked and idling outside of a local City Hall loading dock, when it was stolen.  Days later neither the driver nor the truck could be located.  This is a headline that could have been prevented if GPS tracking had been installed.  Dispatchers would have real time data including the exact location and movement of the vehicle which would enable the local authorities to catch the thief and locate the vehicle.

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