Oh No, Big Brother is Watching. Why GPS Tracking May Not Be Such A Bad Idea

When considering the pros and cons of having a GPS fleet & asset tracking system installed something that is often high on the minds of management is the backlash they might receive from their employees.  While no employee wants to think about the possibility of Big Brother watching their every move, it can have benefits not only for the company but for the employee as well.

GPS Tracking can help a company to:

  • Provide better routing which could increase productivity and in turn, profitability.
  • Help to recover stolen vehicles.
  • Provide better customer service by being able to show where the vehicle is in real time and give the ability to tell the customer when the driver will arrive.
  • Improve safety by bring attention to common accident culprits.
  • Save money on fuel, insurance rates and employee overtime.

While the benefits to the company are usually quite obvious, it is the underlying benefits to the employees that may need a little defining.  Let’s take a look at a few below:

  • Aid drivers avoid traffic jams and find alternative routes.
  • Provide more detailed directions when a driver has trouble finding a particular location.
  • Get help to a driver quickly in the event of an emergency such as an accident.
  • Makes it easier to reward drivers who are doing a good job and provide training to those who may need a little extra guidance to improve performance.

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