The Benefits Of Geofencing & How It Will Save You Time & Money

What is Geofencing?

It is a virtual barrier that you can customize with GPS so if a vehicle enters or leaves an area, you can be alerted.  Geofencing provides many amazing benefits.  A few are listed below:

Real-Time Alerts:

With geofencing you get alerts in real-time.  When a specific vehicle enters or leaves a geofence, a notification will be sent to you. This can help eliminate driver log times since management will know when their employees arrive or depart from their location. It can also help you identify how long vehicles are outside or inside the area which can help you manage your fleet’s fuel and vehicle usage.

Save On Insurance Premiums:

With geofencing, you can get an even deeper insight into how your fleet operates. For example, if a vehicle leaves the geofence for an unauthorized time span, you can contact your driver and to see if the vehicle has been stolen. When a vehicle is stolen, understandably your insurance premiums will rise.  The sooner you are aware of a missing vehicle, the easier it will be to locate the vehicle and recover it.

Use & Efficiency:

A stolen vehicle is not the only thing that is costly. Being able to see improper use of a vehicle by a driver can save you money. If you see that a driver is spending a lot of time idling, taking non-customized routes, or even taking personal trips. You will be able to speak to your employee with a record of their habits to help them course-correct their behavior. This will reduce fuel and fleet expenses.

Communication & Safety:

Cut out the unknown of manually confirming when employees reach their destination. With GPS tracking and geofencing, you will be able to see in real time their location and be alerted when they enter the geofence. When it comes to the safety of your drivers, you will also be able to immediately know their location so if there is an emergency, help can get there quicker.

Improved Customer Service:
Geofencing can help with disgruntled clients who are wondering why their delivery isn’t there yet.  You will be able to see where the driver is, provide the customer with an update and help a driver who may have trouble locating the exact delivery address, get to their destination quicker.

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