Among refrigerated delivery company’s top priority list you’ll find keeping their inventory safe and making deliveries on time. Whether you are hauling food, pharmaceuticals, or agricultural products, our SureTempGPS temperature sensing device can help you achieve both those goals. The powerful device works in conjunction with Tracking Systems’ GPS fleet management application, collecting and transmitting exact temperature, location, and security information on every vehicle, every five minutes to protect your equipment and inventory. With Tracking System you’ll also always know the average temperature of your fleet because SureTempGPS also calculates and transmits the average hourly temperature by vehicle.

Here are 3 other ways GPS Tracking will benefit you and your bottom line:


Greater Fuel Efficiency:

Use your GPS tracking data to plan more efficient routes and save on fuel costs. Better routes to your drop off sites will eliminate wasted man-hours of trying to find the location. By allowing your fleet to get to their destination quicker, less fuel will be used which will lead to substantial savings.

Be Alerted Of Potential Problems:

There are numerous issues that can arise on the road, but with SureTempGPS, alerts will be sent to you every 5 minutes so you will be able to identify a small problem before it becomes a disaster. Power outage? Compressor failure? Don’t worry! You will be able to set and monitor high and low-temperature thresholds that will alert you by e-mail or via cell phone so you will know what’s going on in real time.

Protect Your Inventory:

Beyond real-time monitoring of storage temperatures, you will also be able to keep theft at bay. Door and passenger sensors will alert you if any doors open when unauthorized. If a person is trying to steal the vehicle, a hijack switch alerts a dispatcher to disable the ignition and stop the theft from happening.

Tracking Systems wants to help fleet managers and the companies they work to increase their ROI. If you would like more information about Tracking Systems’ real-time features, real-time support and how they can benefit you, give us a call at 845-738-2200 or visit our website at www.track-sys.com.