Non-profit Agencies

In New York State, there are more than 60,000 mentally and/or physically challenged individuals served by 55 agency affiliates of NYSARC. There are also countless private organizations dedicated to helping members achieve their optimal levels of independence through family support,

Energy Delivery

Escalating energy costs have a dramatic impact on the cost of doing business for both provider and end-user. In today’s volatile economy, this is especially true for energy and service delivery companies competing in perhaps the toughest business climate on

Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated delivery companies that must keep their onboard inventory safe, and want to run their businesses more profitably, can achieve both goals thanks to Tracking Systems’ wired SureTempGPS temperature sensing, tracking and security capability. The powerful device works in conjunction

Over the road trucking companies

IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting is a vital and necessary part of all interstate trucking. It is also both time consuming and tedious for drivers and administrative staff. To alleviate this burden, Tracking Systems, Inc. has created automated Federal


Municipalities have the same issues as the private sector. What makes these issues more difficult is that counties, cities, towns and villages are funded with public dollars. Today, most municipalities are forced to work with reduced state and federal funding


Escalating fuel prices, rising insurance premiums and costly maintenance schedules are just a few of the obstacles facing fleet owners in today’s challenging economy. To help contain costs while continuing to deliver the quality products and services their customers demand,