Auto-generate State Fuel Tax Reports

TSI Announces product Integration with My Fuel Tax by Spinnaker.

This eliminates time-consuming data entry and allows fuel tax forms to be completed in minutes.

The integration of GPS fleet tracking data into the My Fuel Tax solution provided by Spinnaker Software Solutions will allow TSI customers to generate their monthly or quarterly state fuel tax reports efficiently saving them time and money.

Complete their fuel tax forms in a matter of minutes instead of the days it takes to manually gather and enter the data. The  automation is designed to make it easy to use for every customer. No more reviewing mileage logs and having someone enter these.

Key Benefits include:

  • Automates all tax calculations including miles in state calculations
    • IFTA rates are updated monthly to ensure up-to-date fees are calculated properly
  • Possibility to import fuel purchase information from fuel cards/other
  • Saves time; fuel tax forms are completed in minutes
  • Saves money; eliminates the need for data entry staff
  • Requires little or no driver input for tax reporting
  • Reduces the risk of input errors
  • Improves drivers satisfaction and efficiency
  • Provides duplicates of official state forms
  • Kentucky Weight Distance Tax
  • New Mexico Weight Distance Tax
  • Oregon Highway Use Taxes
  • New York Highway Use Taxes (NYS HUT)
    • Systems Calculates and Reports Thruway Separately
    • (New) System calculates the number of NYC miles driven vs. NYS  miles driven