FL14: Real Time temperature monitoring

The FL14 system is a unique addition to our fleet tracking product line. This solution provides real-time temperature monitoring on refrigerated vehicles, along with continuous fleet GPS tracking. The TSI FL14 provides a broad range of products for heavy equipment operators and businesses that
leave equipment at customer’s location or job sites. system was specifically designed for the Refrigerated Transport Fleet. The TSI FL14 provides a broad range of products for heavy equipment operators and businesses that leave equipment at customnew-tsi-refrigeration-jpgs_banner1ers location or job sites. system offers a large suite of temperature reporting, monitoring and alerting tools.

Temperature alert notifications are generated when the container temperature exceeds high and low set points specified by the end user. Additional alerts include instant notification if the device is disconnected from its power source (requires optional backup battery), and whether the reefer temperature controller is turned on or off.

The FL14  system provides fleet tracking data in real-time, such as current location and indicates whether the vehicle is stationary or moving. In addition, speed, stop, and geofence alerts are available, as well as numerous fleet or truck activity reports.

The FL14  system is also fully supported by our optional two-year and three-year extended warranties


  • Increased speed and accuracy of critical temperature data
  • Real-time logistical monitoring and tracking (location, speed, direction, ETA, and more)
  • Reduced shrinkage and spoilage problems
  • Lowered cost of product waste
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved driver awareness
  • Enhanced customer service and brand value


  • On-demand locating
  • Real-time temperature data
  • High set temperature alerts
  • Low set temperature alerts
  • Active monitoring – 24/7/365
  • Power loss alert
  • Temperature on-off controller
  • Bread-crumb trail
  • Alert management
  • Automated geo-fence technology
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Unauthorized movement notification
  • Industrial water resistant enclosure
  • Back-up battery (optional)

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