Reduce Overtime Costs Utilizing Real Time GPS Tracking

AVL systems ensure you’re paying for work not play!

Tracking Systems understands that mobile workforces deserve to get paid for every minute of work they do – but can your business afford to lose money on overtime costs for activities that aren’t work-related?  Whether these losses are due to inefficient routing practices, heavy traffic patterns or driver negligence, Tracking Systems’ real time GPS tracking reports will soon reveal where the problem areas are, and help you to address them directly — adding thousands of dollars profit towards your bottom line.

Tracking Systems directly influences the amount you pay in overtime costs by:

  1. Measuring how long drivers are taking at each job or delivery stop
  2. Monitoring exact times that vehicles enter and leave key job sites
  3. Identifying which of your vehicles are being used during off-hours
  4. Accurately recording your vehicles’ activities throughout the day (i.e., how long a truck was stopped at the local sandwich shop during lunch)
  5. Revealing when inefficient routes are being used

Using Tracking Systems will put an end to wasteful and inefficient driving and service practices within your daily operation – and virtually eliminate those unnecessary overtime hours that are taking away from your bottom line every month.

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