Liability Protection through Commercial Automatic Vehicle Locators

AVL’s can protect your drivers – and reputation

Most transportation managers and business owners would agree that when it comes to their fleet assets, vehicles and other mobile equipment crucial to their operation, liability is an enormous concern.  Being in the dark about where vehicles are, what they’re doing/not doing, and whether they’re secure at a given moment can have a devastating effect on your productivity, not to mention your reputation.

Installing a Tracking Systems AVL (automatic vehicle locator) in each vehicle provides you with a wealth of important fleet tracking knowledge.  Far from not knowing what’s going on “out there,” you’ll have the essential information you need from the field at your fingertips, in real-time.  What business that you know of can provide that kind of peace of mind?  Like your computer, e-mail and cell phones, Tracking Systems will soon become another indispensable technology you can’t run your business without.

Here are just some of the ways that commercial vehicle tracking with Tracking Systems will protect your assets and reputation:

  1. Elimination of non-work-related stops at non-work-related sites
  2. Real-time knowledge of your entire fleet’s location
  3. Detailed fleet records, accessible via the web for 180 days (can also be downloaded or printed for permanent files)
  4. A full suite of reports that display the daily activity of each vehicle

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